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How a T-Shirt and Athletic Apparel Company uses Infusionsoft to boost profits and customer satisfaction.

31 May

Andy Michaels and Gonz Medina reveals how Infusionsoft has transformed Blue Chip Athletic So how did they do it? Blue Chip Athletic is a custom apparel and screen printing company that uses Infusionsoft to automate the customer follow-up and nurturing sequences to increase apparel sales to school coaches, team managers and event coordinators. By having the […]

How an Orthodontist Uses Infusionsoft to Grow His Practice

30 May

  Dustin Burleson, DDC talks about his practice’s success. So How Did He Do it? Dr. Dustin Burleson combined his passion for helping kids improve their smiles and their self confidence with a drive for business development and the pursuit of excellence. Starting out in 2006 as the sole employee with zero patients, Burleson Orthodontics […]

Building your business – what’s holding you back?

26 May
What's holding you back

Infusionsoft is a powerful business software tool that automates the sales process, keeps track of follow-ups with your customers, provides an integrated online shopping cart, membership site, website analytics and more. For thousands of businesses it has transformed the way they operate so they can automatically nurture customers so leads do not fall through the […]