Hello, I’m Roger Graves, Jr. When I saw Infusionsoft in action I was sold. This web-based business software combines the powerful mix of marketing strategy with online software automation to consistently generate leads and multiply conversions. So I set out on a journey to learn the techniques, software and secrets that very few businesses are using today so that I can bring them to you in targeted training modules and blog posts.IMG_5213

I bring my background of systems and controls engineering to dig deep into the Infusionsoft features. From that research, I simplify the training material so you can easily learn to implement the latest strategies in your business for massive profit growth.

I am dedicated to keeping the information and training coming to you as new techniques are discovered and new technology is introduced. So if you are wondering which way to turn, stick with me and I will help guide with the step by step process so you can start seeing increased sales, more profits and overall higher customer value.

UPDATE: I’m really excited to be an expert guest speaker along with John Lee Dumas, Kate Erickson and Ryan Lee in the ONLINE BUSINESS LAUNCH SUMMIT that will be starting very soon! Sign up to view the expert training session videos FREE during the event. Check it out!


I am really thrilled you are here to join me on this exciting journey!

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