How a T-Shirt and Athletic Apparel Company uses Infusionsoft to boost profits and customer satisfaction.

31 May

Andy Michaels and Gonz Medina reveals how Infusionsoft has transformed Blue Chip Athletic

So how did they do it?

Blue Chip Athletic is a custom apparel and screen printing company that uses Infusionsoft to automate the customer follow-up and nurturing sequences to increase apparel sales to school coaches, team managers and event coordinators. By having the software trigger the right customer message at the right time, sales have ballooned over %219. The goal is to provide a high-touch, personalized message to a customer so they feel that they are important and that Blue Chip Apparel cares about each and every person.

  • Opportunity Pipeline for Sales Team Coordination
  • Business metrics using Infusionsoft Widgets on the home screen
  • Automated Customer follow-up to insure customer satisfaction
  • Long term customer nurturing to be top-of-mind when customer is ready to order
  • Referral and in-bound lead tracking and relationship building
  • Email and direct mail for repeat customers with up-sells and add-ons through
  • Landing page for specific sport to compete in niche sports
  • Segmenting customers to provide custom offers based on past purchases and interests

Andy Michaels also has employed an add-on application called Fusedesk to manage a superior customer support system. With rules and templates, sales people can determine if a contact is a hot lead or if the customer had issues in the past and needs special attention. Since the sales and support systems are all programmed in, staff is queued automatically to perform support and sales functions. For example, if the retail customer representative is on the phone with a customer, there is an internal form that pops up with a script for a special %10 off discount offer. The offer tag is applied to that customer for automatic follow-up.

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