Building your business – what’s holding you back?

26 May

Infusionsoft is a powerful business software tool that automates the sales process, keeps track of follow-ups with your customers, provides an integrated online shopping cart, membership site, website analytics and more. For thousands of businesses it has transformed the way they operate so they can automatically nurture customers so leads do not fall through the cracks. Because this save so much time, you will find that you have to work less while your business grows automatically.

However, what happens when you know there is a big payback coming but you choose not to take action now? Why would a business owner that sees the opportunity to increase business and save time let this opportunity slip away?

So what exactly is holding you back?

I talk to people all the time that say they don’t have the time to work on automating their business. They are busy

What's holding you back

What’s holding your back?

morning, noon, and night working on the various activities to run their business.

The phone is ringing, there are interruptions in the office, and the never ending stream of emails in the inbox. There seems to be no time to work on making your business better and more efficient. Sound familiar?

The problem is, this is really just an excuse. It is a convenient excuse to avoid making the effort  to invest in the future.  But the reality is, If you don’t make the investment now you will not reap the rewards of the efficiency and increased profits later.

You have to come to grips with the fact that it’s better to adapt and change right now because the tools are here and ready to help you design your sales funnel, automate your email marketing campaigns and automate sales team’s follow-up sequences. It has never been easier to optimize the process of attracting visitors, identifying leads, nurturing prospects, converting to sales and then keeping your customers happy so they can refer you to others.

If you don’t have the time to learn to apply automated marketing systems and your competitor does where will that leave you? Right now, it is a very good chance that your longtime competitor is already making headway with online marketing, blogging on his website, emailing his customers and prospects and following up on social media.

Or there is a brand new competitor designing her business from the ground up, with built-in marketing automation and the technology to move ahead of you very quickly and on into the future. Who is going to be the leader in two years? In five years?

So when you think about the choice of continuing to slide backwards, with no time to invest or making the time to be more efficient utilizing latest technology and marketing automation which will you choose?

So how do you find time to improve your situation? Are you using your time most effectively? Do you spend your hours doing tasks that you could delegate to other people? Are you wasting time with things that cannot be measured and therefore you don’t know if they even work? Or are you simply wasting time doing busy-work or just watching TV because you are too exhausted from your hectic day?

It’s time to commit to a change. Here are 8 suggestions to get started:

  • Set aside quiet time each day to learn more about what can be automated and where to start.
  • Read about the ‘Top 10 Infusionsoft Campaigns’ to get ideas that will help you grow profitably.
  • Learn the Infusionsoft Customer Lifecycle Marketing – this will be your foundation for your road map to success.
  • Focus on a few fundamental changes that will improve the direction of your business
  • Sign up with Infusionsoft and start working with Infusionsoft Success Coaches
  • Implement the plan that you and your success coach create (Extremely Valuable Support here)
  • Create your first lead-magnet, follow-up sequence and special offer.
  • It’s important to get started and launch! You will have plenty of time to fine-tune. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Successful business owners know that ‘Good is good enough!’

Keep in mind; this is an investment in the future – the near future! The time you invest right now can bring in more leads, convert more customers and get higher sales volumes in a relatively short period of time. And once these automated systems are in place it will free up your time! You’ll have more time to spend with family on vacations or special outings. You will find more time to work on the important parts of your business, knowing that your efforts are paying off automatically because you’ll be able to measure them and repeat them consistently.

Schedule time each day to make it a habit of learning and applying marketing automation to your business. This is your business and no one can improve it and take it to the next level like you can.

Make an action plan that you will know exactly what you need to do when your scheduled time arrives.

Don’t try to do it all yourself. Get help from experts that can lead you through the process and guide you through the step-by-step tasks that you need to complete. Make use of the tremendous resources available by the tool suppliers and the software system suppliers for online training and one-on-one consultation.

Understand that this is an ongoing process will last for the rest of your business life. Take it one step at a time and don’t get overwhelmed by all the choices. Pick what will work the best in the shortest period of time and work on that until it is completed. Do not skip to the next up until it is finished and in place. There will be plenty of time in the future to add bells and whistles later. Focus on the first few steps and progress will begin to build quickly!

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Download 7-Step Marketing Plan!

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