Top 10 Campaigns to Automate in Infusionsoft

19 Mar

Infusionsoft Top 10 Follow-up Campaigns

10. Holiday Specials

Starting at number 10 – Holiday Specials! Any holiday, season or special time of year can be a great time to come up with a promotional offer for your customers. Some businesses naturally fit with certain holidays, but literally any business can offer a back-to-school special or a Valentine’s Day offer for your customers to Fall in Love with!

While not exactly a holiday, a special event like an anniversary or birthday is a great way to stay in touch and let them know you care. There are many Infusionsoft users that setup campaigns to mail out a birthday card along with a special coupon offering savings for a limited time.

Normally, this would be a logistical challenge that you would have to hire staff to carry out, but of course with an automated system like Infusionsoft campaigns, you just set-it and forget-it. Every day the system checks the database and when a customer’s birthday is 5 days away, a birthday card or even cookies or other treats, are ordered to be delivered on time for a birthday surprise.

Tip … how do you get their birth date? You could simply ask but a more ingenious way is to use it as a password to a secure membership site. Their username along with their birth date for the password will give you the excuse to surprise them on the big day!

9. Internal Lead Capture

If you have walk-in clients or customers that call you on the phone, a follow-up campaign and a process should be set up to allow the sales person or receptionist to enter in the contact information to kick off the next steps. This could be to schedule an appointment or start the nurturing sequence. Automatically, without your intervention, a sequence of emails or printed letters will be sent out. Once your customer takes action like making a purchase or scheduling a meeting, the system will initiate the next follow-up sequence.

It is so important for you to have systems and processes in place. Having a defined process that you follow every time you interact with your customer will keep them in the sales funnel and not falling through the cracks. With Infusionsoft, whoever is dealing with a customer can apply tags that indicate their interest or even make notes so that every contact with that customer has the history and information to better serve them.

Not only are you capturing the lead, you are tailoring the way you approach them and serve them in the future. This is interest based marketing that leads to targeted offers and much higher conversion potential.

8. Referral Partner Program (Or a simple ‘Refer a Friend’)

There are stand-alone referral systems available online and many of the marketing and sales automation solutions provide built-in referral programs. Infusionsoft has an affiliate management system that you can setup as part of a follow-up sequence. First to recruit and setup a referral partner, a campaign can be constructed to automatically provide details, the sign-up form and then support material such as marketing material and graphics.

Once a referral partner is in the system, Infusionsoft tracks their unique links so you can see who is providing the leads to your offers and then ultimately who has purchased any of your products. Every month, you can generate a report to pay your affiliates their commission, all automated with very little extra effort!

If you haven’t thought about recruiting affiliates to sell your products or services, you may want to start working on it. What better way to get more sales and ultimately more profit, by having others bring leads to you in exchange for a percentage of the sale?

7. Free Quote – In-person Consultation
This follow-up sequence starts with a prospect showing interest in a quote or free consultation, either by clicking on a link and filling out a small web-form or calling into the office. The lead is entered into the system and a then email follow-up is automatically started.

If the follow-up is done by a sales rep, the interaction can be noted that a call was made and message was left. Each action can trigger a follow-up timed in the next day or two to send another email or request that the sales rep calls again. This is can be a huge time saver for busy sales people and helps keep hot leads from falling through the cracks!

Once the customer takes action and schedules the appointment, all automatic sequences stop until the lead is moved into the next stage of the sales pipeline. Very flexible, very consistent and it all happens all automatically!

6. Social Lead Generation

Number six is ‘Social Lead Generation’. It seems that many business have a Facebook presence, but many are making the same basic mistake. They believe just posting updates and news about their business, customers will be attracted to them to do business. The problem is, they almost always get ignored, that is until they offer something of value. To further improve the automated follow-up cycle, Infusionsoft recently acquired ‘GroSocial’ that provides some pretty amazing tools with Facebook that allow you to build a form that will only show the offer once it’s ‘Liked’ and then provide enticement through a contest or a valuable coupon or other goodies, to have people enter in their contact information.

This accomplishes to goals of engagement in Facebook, first your business page is ‘Liked’ that will get it more exposure and then the offer form is one more way to gather the name and email so they can be entered into a ‘Welcome Sequence’ or some other nurturing cycle. Similar things can be done with Twitter as well. The Social marketing game is getting more and more powerful every day, so this strategy should not be ignored!

5. Customer Upsell

Coming in at number 5, the Customer Upsell. The ideal time to upsell is right when the decision has been made to buy. The customer is warmed up, made the decision and is in the process of buying the offer. If you can offer an easy way to add on to that order or move them into a higher-price range ‘premium’ offer, the chances are very good that you can increase the sale. Amazon is a master of the upsell and cross-sell. Think about the ‘Customers who purchased this, also purchased …’

But you still have a chance if you don’t get the upsell at the initial sale. Infusionsoft can add customers that have purchased a certain product into a new nuture cycle for the upsell offer. For example, if you have sold them an information product, they can be added to the video training upsell sequence.

As you build up your system and have a series of products or services, you should try to have all of your customer’s in some sort of follow-up sequence. Even if they haven’t purchased in a long time, you should create a ‘welcome back’ or ‘Hey, we miss you!’ sequence.

It should be obvious; you don’t want to wear out your welcome and send too many emails or pester them with so many offers they ‘unsubscribe’. But on the other hand, it does them and you no good at all if they just languish in the dusty corners of your database – you aren’t helping them and they are not contributing to your business. Get creative and take action!

4. New Customer Welcome Sequence

This one should be obvious, but get your new friends in a Welcome sequence with some additional helpful information to get the most out of your products and services. A newsletter is a very successful vehicle for welcoming new customers and keeping in close contact with them. The sequence can be all electronic, or it can be a physical item like a welcome gift or something we call a ‘Wow package’. It will depend on your business and how much each customer spends with you but there are a wide variety of businesses that are really successful by sending a package that absolutely ‘Wows’ their new customer.

For example, an auto repair shop would get a list of people that recently moved into a wealthy neighborhood and send them a free oil change coupon, cookies and a small helium balloon that would float out of the box when it was opened. This ‘Welcome to the neighborhood and have your car serviced here’ made a fantastic first impression!

In Infusionsoft, it is incredibly easy to setup a welcome sequence via email that will send a series of messages with content that varies depending on the type of product or service purchased. This goes a long way to establishing a long term relationship that shows ‘We Care!’ when you do business with us!
3. Customer Follow-up Sequence – two paths, Happy and Unhappy

Just as important as showing you care for a new customer, we should be making every effort to determine if a customer is happy and is willing to give us a referral or is not very happy and might need a little hand holding or other dispensation. How often do you have businesses call and ask or send out requests for feedback on how they performed? Not often enough. True, restaurants and some of the bigger retail chains like Best Buy will ask for you to fill out a survey and hopefully, they take some action on the response.

Well here is your opportunity to ask your customer and then setup an effective follow-up sequence depending on their answer. First, if they are happy and were satisfied with the transaction, now is your chance to make them an additional offer or ask them to refer your company to others. The follow-up sequence is geared toward the customer that is happy and needs additional opportunities to help you out!

Of course, not everyone will be happy. This is even more important to follow-up and figure out what went wrong and if there is anything within reason you could do to make it right. The follow-up sequence could point them to a survey or some way to provide more information to you on a webform, however this might not be the best choice.

The sequence could just as easily queue up a prompt for one of your team to give them a call and talk to them in person. I’m not sure what the statistics are, but I’m betting it’s at least 100 times better to talk to someone in person. That way you can tell (usually right away) just how upset they are! Hopefully, with your sales skills, you can offer something that will turn the situation around and eventually put them in the ‘Happy Customer’ sequence!

2. Event Registration

Holding an event might not be for everyone, but once you see how easy and effective this technique is, you might want to consider holding an event to promote your business or a product launch. The event sequence starts by sending an invitation to a list of your customers or a JV with someone that has an appropriate list of prospects.

The sequence can send follow-ups at a reasonable frequency and when someone does express interest, send them to the registration form. Once the customer is registered, follow-up reminders can be sent so they don’t miss the event, whether it’s an online webinar, a seminar or open house.

If they do miss the event, a sequence can be started for people that registered but then didn’t show up. Likewise, if they did attend, a thank you or additional follow-up emails can be sent. For example, if they missed your webinar, links to the recorded session can be sent to see if they are still interested.

This may take some time to setup, especially the first time, but once you have a process, you can hold events and have a slick follow-up sequence to make the most of your marketing efforts!

1. Website Lead Capture
And now for the number one follow-up sequence, is the Website Lead Capture! This is probably the most obvious, most powerful but surprisingly still underused. The bottom line is you should have an opt-in form on EVERY page of your website!

In Infusionsoft you can easily create an opt-in form that has fields for First Name and Email address in exchange for something that your customers perceive as valuable. Of course an Ebook or a video series are common ‘Lead Magnets’. But it could be something as simple as a checklist or a free consultation. Whatever is easily created by you and holds some value to your customer can be used as a magnet.

Tip: Put a statement about ‘Anti-Spam’ and that you will ‘never share your email with anyone else’ will help your opt-in rates.

Having your form on every page provides the opportunity for your visitors to see the offer and decide that the value you offer is worth the exchange of their email address and that they want to read more. It may take a while, going through your website, before they can trust you and opt-in for more.

Tip: Put your opt-in form in the middle of the ‘About’ page so if they are reading about you and your company, they can opt-in right there!

There you have it, the Top 10 Follow-up campaigns you can automate, activate and dominate!

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    Whoa! So much valuable information. I’m not at the stage of my business where I can afford Infusionsoft but I will definitely incorporate some of the things you mentioned here that can be applied across the board.

    • Roger Graves September 11, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

      Hi Collin, thanks. Yes, you can begin to incorporate some of the automation using other tools and then when you are ready to experience the more advanced features and complete automation move up to Infusionsoft. Good luck!

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